Travel: Berlin summertime in a bar by the Spree river

When I was living in Berlin I often went past Spree river-side bars where people gathered and drunk large flagons of beer, ate bokwurst and listened to 70’s funk music out of tinny speakers. The vibe was relaxing, ethereal and floaty. The beer and the sun certainly added to this vibe. Peering down at people as I crossed the bridge one day on bike, I took this photo and felt a bit like a voyeur looking through someone’s window and glimpsing an intimate scene.

There was so much joy and optimism, so much relaxed easy-going energy, that I would have loved to stay on the bridge and just people watched, but my filming felt conspicuous and so I moved down to the cafe and grabbed an iced-coffee for myself, sitting by the shore, I laid there on my back for many hours, on the wooden jetty, in the sun, without anywhere to go. And with no particular objective or task in mind for the day. Unsurprisingly, the day passed by like an eternity, and is remembered as unending.

Every Picture Tells a Story: Berlin summertime in a bar by the Spree river

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