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Devil’s Advocate: Something toxic has happened to feminism in 2018

The ideological underpinnings of the feminist movement have been muddied by radical SJWs who seek to bring down what they view as male-dominated and white-dominated power structures.

I witnessed such a brouhaha happen myself while embedded within one of those traditional power structures. The arguments of the SJWs turned out to be invalid and illogical, in fact borderline psychotic. Their arguments centred around a lack of women within that institution. As a professional woman myself working within said institution, I could see the evidence all around me that this was incorrect. Women outnumbered men 3 to 1 and furthermore they were taking extended paid maternity leave to have kids, often several of them. These were women who were incredibly successful as researchers and as mothers, who were also highly respected by everyone – male and female.

Although I consider myself a feminist, I also consider myself a person who listens to reason and evidence, capable of observing and collecting data and attempting to be impartial. So I conducted some research into the validity of the claims of the SJWs, who were hiding in the shadows behind Twitter handles, throwing molotov cocktails in the form of tweets, and then retreating.

The data confirmed what I saw with my own eyes- that institutional misogyny didn’t exist in that particular place of work. I created an infographic from the data and shared it with them on Twitter – it was met with radio silence.

Losing the existential chip on the shoulder 

It serves no woman to walk around with a chip on her shoulder in a corporate or environment or any other environment. It actually weakens you as an individual to perceive that the entire world as a male-dominated heirarchy that’s by nature set against you. Instead of feeling empowered, such a personal philosophy disempowers and disenfranchises you. This philosophy places all locus of control and personal power outside of you. This actually makes you feel weaker and more vulnerable inside ( in my personal experience)

It’s one of the central tenets of the hardcore left though- the idea that you have no power over your own reality and that the powers-that-be exist to bring you down and oppress you.

This idea is fundamentally toxic and it makes you feel like shit when you think like that. It breeds resentment against other people. It results in a lot of wasted energy, hating on people who belong to a certain demographic.

Wasting energy feeling sorry and sad for the injustices others have experienced at the hands of real or imagined enemies – those white, priveleged overlords that apparently exist somewhere.

Imagine instead not giving a shit about any of that. Imagine instead channelling all of your personal creative and intellectual energy into yourself, into learning and developing yourself into someone incredibly intelligent, bankable and employable in a myriad of different fields. Imagine if instead of worrying about identity politics and insults against other people, you focused that energy on yourself.

That may sound like a selfish way of being. But really, what does worrying and campaigning and being angry about the injustice of other people help anyone else? It will just make you feel more angry, but fundamentally nothing changes.

I guess what I am trying to say is – being angry and a social justice warrior helps noone, let alone yourself. You are stuck in a mode where you are resentful towards your archetypal parent, the University, your employer. It’s like being a perennial teenager, unwilling to grow up and take responsibility for your own shit.

I’m not saying that people don’t have real problems in the world and that real issues of injustice don’t exist. Rather I’m arguing that if you want to get ahead in life and if you want to improve the world outside – you should become focused on improving yourself, rather than focusing on injustices done to other people – that’s their flag to fly, not yours.

Don’t allow the things outside of your locus of control to control you. What that does is amplifies your sense of helplessness.

Instead, if you take the perspective of being in control of your life and in control of your choices – which you are to some degree, good things will generally follow.

A while ago I decided that the hard-left and feminist SJWs just did not resonate with me anymore.

I consider myself to live by traditional left-leaning values like environmental conservation, equality of pay for women, abortion rights, gay and LGBT rights, indigenous land rights.

A lot of the time nowadays, the frothing, barking, overly PC and angry rants of these left-wing groups leave me cold.

What feminism still means to me 

I have a particularly moderate and all-encompassing and love-based idea of feminism which I want to espouse here. This is an open-minded, open-hearted idea that men and women can and do live together for the most part, in harmony. (I want to qualify that statement , in developed western nations with robust democratic laws in place to protect women).

Women and men still have problems of domestic violence, rape, sexual assault all of that. But – for the most part the legal system and civil society has done a lot to wipe out the gross injustices. The women who do work to campaign for better laws for the protection of women are doing amazing work, I am not saying that this work is not necessary. It is very important, but where we are now isn’t so bad after all.

For the average woman, we don’t have it too bad at all. I think that infact the real danger and threat we pose is to each other. Many women are highly competitive, jealous and hateful towards other women. I find this sort of behaviour completely despicable. Instead I always adopt a model in the workplace of women helping other women to grow and flourish in their careers. Helping, educating, supporting and enabling other women rather than pulling them down is good for women in general and good for feminism. And this is my life-long contribution to feminism. And for those steam-roller types of women who stamp all over other women – I just dont have the time to deal with those types of people and I refuse to work with them.

Another aspect of feminism – for me at least – is respect. Respect for men. I hold all men I ever deal with in respect and I expect them to hold me in respect in return. In general, whenever you treat someone else with the utmost respect and kindness , they do the same. It works pretty simply really.

Embrace the plurality of the online world  

I embrace a full spectrum of plurality of viewpoints equally.

Nobody should be censored and everybody is entitled to be listened to. Just because you don’t agree with something somebody says online, doesn’t mean that they should be silenced or censored! Likewise you shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to philosophical and intellectual ideas.

For example Jordan Peterson is anti-abortion, and pro-marriage – I disagree with him on both counts. Does that make him not worth listening to? No, probably the opposite.

Listen to people who you disagree with, and listen with an open heart and an open mind. Only fools listen to intellectuals and prominent celebrities who are just talking into their own echo chamber. That’s boring, that’s not going to open your mind to new ideas at all.

The free speech argument that Peterson uses resonates strongly with me. Apparently I am one of the minority – because I’m not a young, white right-wing male. Instead I am a non-white, left-leaning woman. And I actually enjoy listening to the ideas of Jordan Peterson. I don’t need to agree with everything he says. Just like when you read any book or encounter any new idea – you don’t need to believe it to enjoy it.

That’s what educating yourself means. You explore and encounter new ideas, books and philsophies and try them on for size. You see if they resonate with you personally.

I guess that makes me an anomaly. I am interested to hear from other people for whom this long ramble resonated. Also, if it didn’t and you hate me for daring to talk about feminism on the internet in such a way, please tell me why. But be nice, this blog is a safe place.



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