Words and Music: Be Nothing - Beach Fossils, Poseidon's airy feather-light grasp

Words and Music: Be Nothing by Beach Fossils & Poseidon’s airy feather-light grasp

Poseidon’s airy feather-light grasp

I stumbled over the photo that I took many years ago while on the beach in Hel, Poland. I was sitting with people who I considered to be friends at the time. And who I lost contact with completely for the reason of sheer geographical distance and the constant humming reality of people’s lives as they separately carve out their existence.

As a backpacker or a sole traveller, this is the melancholic reality of travelling alone. On your journeys you always meet people who become like interim stand-in loved ones, people you consider at the time to be immensely important, a vibrating part of your meta story but who dissapear into the ether of memory in the years to come. There is a melancholy to that, but at the same time here in this captured moment, there was also an incredible amount of joy. The sun was setting, we were all talking, laughing and drinking beer and sitting in front of us was a collection of beach fossils, flags, flotsam and jetsam that had washed onto the shore.

The weather was a lucky, forthright splash of sun at the very end of September. Before that in the morning, there had been a heavy frost covering everything and all of the leaves had long ago turned orange and deep red.

In a field nearby, ponies caroused and galloped together, caressing each other with their long powerful necks, filled with love and affection. Their cries of joy and excitement bubbled up and were borne on the wind like the giggles of children and could be heard on the beach where we sat. In a broken  shack nearby, someone was gutting some freshly caught fish while someone else had fired up a coal-fired barbeque and was grilling mercilessly.

On this night, it seemed that Poland was determined to stubbornly hold on to the last golden threads of summer, even as autumn closed in. I held onto the hands of my friends and cuddled in tight with them, blonde,red and brown hairs swirling and moulding into one windblown blob of a creature. We all got up and danced and took long exposure shots of each other shifting and waving on the beach, diaphanous moths in a flirtatious balance of youth and time, nothing remained as it was of course.

That night we all retreated back to the beach house and had spiced wine and halushki, a type of cabbage dumpling. We talked about philosophy, the ponies, the amazing unusual sun each of us in turn politely listening with deep concentration, and we danced more.

Words and Music: Be Nothing - Beach Fossils, Poseidon's airy feather-light grasp
Words and Music: Be Nothing – Beach Fossils, Poseidon’s airy feather-light grasp. Copyright Content Catnip 2008

Be Nothing by Beach Fossils

When I heard Be Nothing by Beach Fossils, it really encapsulated how I felt in that moment when I took that photo. That same dreamy, happy, reflective and joyful mood, where you aren’t wanting for anything and are completely embedded in the moment.

And if you enjoyed that song, I can recommend Beach Fossils album from 2017, Somersault which is like a blissful and sublime journey into everyone’s favourite summer memories in their full nostalgic glory.

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