Art: Chris McVeigh’s yea olde DIY LEGO kits for vintage nerds of the 80’s and 90’s

Apparently it’s possible to build a whole range of vintage tech hubris from the 80’s and 90’s through the power of LEGO. One guy named Chris McVeigh has pain-stakingly put together step-by-step guides to building Ataris and Nintendo gaming consoles, elephantine TV sets with curved screens, vintage gigantic montors and mechanical keyboards, big boomboxes that are destined for a being perched on someone’s shoulder – and if you’re not born in the 80’s or earlier, then you won’t know what the hell I even mean by perching a boombox on your shoulder!

Chris also put together a LEGO version of a rotary telephone with the circular dial on it and old and shabby looking swivel chairs. This is an exceptional commitment to a lost era of technology that many people feel nostalgic for.

Check out the DIY kits with visual instructions for ‘My old brown computer monitor’ and my first 80’s radiored rotary telephone and my first 80’s TV.

Discover more on his website 


About Chris McVeigh

Chris McVeigh is an author, illustrator, photographer, and LEGO builder based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He has been designing custom LEGO models since 2009, specialises in recreating Christmas ornaments and retro technology. He offers his LEGO building guides for free to download on his website. To show your support for his work, please consider buying a custom building kit. And you if have your own bricks (or prefer to source bricks locally), you can now purchase a building guide.

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