<3 The Internet: Radio Garden is the audible heartbeat of towns, cities and nations

Designed by Studio Puckey in collaboration with Moniker. Radio Garden was developed in coordinator with the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. Radio Garden is one of the internet’s most ingenious and surprising apps. It brings together the voices, music and the rhythms of different bustling cities and quiet villages together. All of this is suddenly accessible at the click of a mouse. This is yet another way that the world now feels more intimate and smaller than it used to be – surely an antidote to all of the separation and fear going on of late.

Using this application, one gets the very real feeling that we aren’t so far apart from each other. That language differences aside, we aren’t really too different in our music tastes.

It’s all here, punk from Afganistan and trip-hop from Madrid. Some of it is very curious, but all of it is an awesome slice-of-life glimpse into the machinations of nations, towns and cities. Armchair travel indeed!

Listen to RADIO.GARDEN across the world 



It gets even better. In the History section you can tune into clips from throughout radio history which changed the course of human history. Along with attempts to unify the world through audio.

People’s voices are so intimate and cross linguistic,cultural and geographical borders. It’s a small world after all. 


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