Emerging Genius: Melbourne's Gold Class

Emerging Genius: Melbourne’s Gold Class

Joy Division comparisons not withstanding, Gold Class have a very unique sound. There are some shades of Joy Division but with more of a swagger and engaging performance style which (according to NME who witnessed them live at SXSW) isn’t anything like the cold and distant performance of Ian Curtis. Singer Adam Curley’s performance is supposedly more like Peter Murphy from Bauhaus or Nick Cave, where audience involvement is sought and keeps people in a state of transfixed bliss. That all sounds great to me.

Gold Class are known for their electrifying live gigs, something that I’m looking forward to checking out myself when they come to Auckland in July.

The first single off the new album is called Life as a Gun. But my favourite is Twist in the Dark, which brings to mind all kinds of midnight shenanigans in Melbourne. Their lyrics touch on sex, politics, alienation and all of those darker sides of humanity which post punk of older eras captured to great effect. The album ensnares all of the brooding and dark energy of a current forboding era in the world that we’re living in. Singer Adam Curley has a great voice. I can’t wait to witness them on stage.

Gold Class play with Kiwi band Yukon Era at Whammy Bar in Auckland 28th July

2 thoughts on “Emerging Genius: Melbourne’s Gold Class

  1. Oh my god! I love this band ever since seeing them live last year, again at the start of this year and they’re playing here at the end of this month too! I’ve blogged about them a few times you know? Hopefully they will not disappoint you live!

    1. I know right! They are awesome. I am sure they will be amazing live, I have only heard great things! It surely will be awesome to dance to

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