Phantasmagorical Paper Recipes to Fuel your Belly

Phantasmagorical Paper Recipes to Fuel your Belly and Brain

As you probably have realised from previous posts about the automated paper town called Paperholme, I’m obsessed with paper art. And here is yet another fragile and whimsical creation that I’ve fallen in love with. Paper is a medium that can trump rocks but not scissors, and in these stop motion animations you will discover that paper has incredible powers of impersonation in the creative hands of  Matt Willis of Yell Design. Matt has created Australia’s first stop-motion animation content studio where he creates quaint and sweet little short videos for top brands and agencies.

Phantasmagorical Paper Recipes to Fuel your Belly

Yell Design creates kooky and phantasmagorical recipes, with the same sort of surrealist vibe as the recently profiled Dali cookbook. Included are stories about the lesser known clinical and medical origins of the humble Bloody Mary, along with reimagining a ramen recipe as wood shavings and ramen soup ingredients as a set of car keys. One highlight of the videos is when Matt ingeniously approximates a slab of meat with a piece of heavily veined pink recycled paper.

If that all sounds a little bit too weird for you to handle, then I recommend checking out these beautiful stop motion animations yourself. How this hasn’t gone viral yet I’m not sure.


To indulge in the full series, go to the Papermeal website.

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