Emerging genius no.12: Kayla Briët - Smoke that travels

Emerging genius: Kayla Briët – Smoke that travels

Kayla Briët is a 19 year old award-winning filmmaker, composer, and artist. Recently, she was named a 2015 Future of Storytelling Fellow, 2016 National Young Arts Winner in Cinematic Arts, a 2016 MIT Chamber Scholar, an Oculus Launchpad Artist, a 2016 Adobe Creative Scholar, and a 2016 Sundance Film Festival Ignite Fellow. With a goal of combining her loves for art, science, and technology, Briët lives to empower and inspire through the many mediums of storytelling.

‘Smoke that Travels’ tells the story of her Indigenous heritage and how she works to preserve the powerful physical storytelling of her father and a lineage stretching back to her ancestors. She not only scripted, story-boarded, cut, edited and put together the film she also composed the beautiful score. Now that’s one unbelievably talented young woman!

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