My top 15 favourite female music artists. (Part 2)

An incredible journey into pop, alt and indie obscurity with some of the most gifted women in music. Thank you Robert for introducing me to Jane Weidlin, where has she been hiding all my life? If you aren’t following Robert’s awesome blog, you should be…

Rearview Mirror

This is the second part of a planned 5-part series highlighting my favourite female music artists. My favourite female artists are not necessarily the ‘best’ female artists of all time. Though, some of them might easily fit into that category. In saying that I have to admit it would have been far easier to look up any ‘best of’ list and include the likes of Tori Amos, Bjork, Joni Mitchell and Janis Joplin here. Unfortunately, I didn’t listen to them enough or buy their records, so they simply didn’t qualify for my list despite the fact that they are awesome.

The process of thinking about which artists I like was easy, but narrowing that field down to fifteen for the purpose of this series was difficult. In helping me decide who would make my favourite female artists list, I decided to stick to one simply rule. I had to own…

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