Day in the life: Facebook is destroying our understanding of normal life

Day in the life: Facebook is destroying our understanding of normal life

It has now been more than two months since I was on facebook. As time goes by though I rarely miss people I know. And instead I start to engage with and live my own life a little bit more presently and in the moment instead of trying to glimpse in vain into other people’s lives. It’s like taking a glimpse through a contorted mirror anyway, it’s pure voyeurism and pure boredom to the viewer and also false humility and fakeness on behalf of the person posting. This skewed impression of people contributes to a warped view of the world, other people and what their lives consist of. My life consists of a lot of Netflix watching, eating of chocolate ice-cream, cleaning my toilet, washing clothes, and writing inane pieces on my blog, or listening to someone at work drone on about some bullshit that I’m not interested in.

Sometimes though, I’ll go out and witness a remarkable concert or play, or walk on a deserted beach or in a deserted forest and hear a chorus of bird song. Or I’ll go out and have an amazing meal or have five or six Guinesses with a work friend and discover that they are madly, totally gorgeous. What exactly can you ever share that others will understand in a profound way anyway? And through that channel,Facebook, polluted as it is with the refuse and sewerage of peoples comparably similar and yet unremarkable lives.

There is falseness all around on facebook, and this betrays and destroys the mundane days and weeks of peoples lives – ordinary times where people do washing and clean out their garage and nothing out of the ordinary happens. The lie that we are all extraordinary is making it harder for us to accept that we are just ordinary. We eat, sleep, piss, shit, work, if we’re lucky we get to fuck somebody (if we are really lucky that person is really lovely) and then one day we die. All of the bits in between that is when the remarkable stuff happens as well but it’s cheapened by Facebook. Every sunset you see that’s beautiful, every meal that you have that’s gorgeous and every moment you have with your mother or friend or partner that’s beautiful – when you post this to facebook you are cheapening yourself and whoring out all of your memories to a corporation that then owns your life and ‘keeps’ it safe for you. Remember that you have grey matter in between your ears in order to remember everything. Every sound and street corner and smell, every laugh and accent and cobbled laneway in a foreign country, every piece of tapas, dodgy breakfast and half drunk pint. Also you have perfect working hands in which to make art, music or stories about your life and the glorious parts of your life that have been beautiful. Get the fuck off Facebook!

Your future children or current children will thank you for refraining from Facebook if you then channel that energy into making art.



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