Music Review: Lush ambient music by Moby & Slowmotion

Quiet time: Lush ambient music to download by Moby & Slowmotion

Earlier in the year, ambient and chill out pioneer Moby released a series of long, somnambulant, ambient music pieces. The artist has suffered from insomnia since he was a small child and sought to remedy this himself through music, meditation and yoga.

Long a proponent of yoga, meditation and music for calming his nerves and anxiety, Moby describes these ambient pieces on his website as “really really really quiet music to listen to when I do yoga or sleep or meditate or panic.”

Quiet time: Lush ambient music to download by Moby & Slowmotion

Very generously, he’s decided to share this with the world – all 4-5 hours of it. If you happen to be having a lazy Sunday and it’s raining outside then the atmosphere,then the atmosphere is ripe for some lovely spacey and ambient sounds.

The soundscapes here are epic, filled with rumbling drone notes and pretty instrumental synths floating on top. It’s evocative of smoke-filled mountain scapes and floating far above distant cities while they glimmer and twinkle below you. For this ambient masterpiece, Moby was inspired by images of the vast Pacific ocean, as depicted in classic Hollywood cinema.

You can either listen to the whole playlist on the Spotify playlist or download them from Moby’s site. (He also gives you the option to play the recordings on Apple Music, Soundcloud, Deezer and other platforms.)

Quiet time: Lush ambient music to download by Moby & Slowmotion

Slowmotion: Ambient podcasts

While you’re in a reflective chilled out mood, here is another gem of free ambient music to download.

Slowmotion’s podcasts are rich and deep and will take you on a magic carpet ride to places you’ve never explored before.

This is yet another podcast of free ambient music which will lighten your soul and make you feel incredibly relaxed, reflective and sleepy.

This has been my go-to chill out soundtrack for the past four years and it never gets old or feels outdated. It’s a swirling and psychedelic miasma of quirky aural delights that you’ve never heard before.

Quiet time: Lush ambient music to download by Moby & SlowmotionEach podcast episode has a theme and each theme is as ethereal and mysterious as the next. The music is eclectic and the production by Slowmotion seamlessly blends world music like African and middle eastern sounds with indie and dream pop,  and pretty synth-laden ambient sounds. There’s some vocals in there but it’s unobtrusive and tends to add rather than take away from the overall mood.

It’s perfect for those lazy days, and it’s possible to take it with you when you venture out on walks as you can download all of the podcasts for free from the website podomatic. This selection of music is one of the rare treasures that I was able to stumble upon via Apple’s iTunes, and stands out as a timeless classic amongst a sea of mediocre electronic music podcasts on that app.

Quiet time: Lush ambient music to download by Moby & Slowmotion


There’s not much online about Slowmotion, he (or she) is largely mysterious and tends to post episodes only once every few months or even once per year. They are not narrated at all and so whoever this person is, is a complete mystery. Each episode is between 30-60 minutes long is meticulously and beautifully put together, well worth the wait.


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