Orkestra Obsolete’s magical and nostalgic rendition of New Order’s Blue Monday

New Order’s Blue Monday was released on 7 March 1983 and changed the face of pop music, and rode triumphantly on the tide of synth, new wave an electro. But have you ever considered what synth music would sound like if it was made in the 1930’s before the synthesiser was in common use?

The Orkestra Obsolete are a musical ensemble obsessed with looking at musical inheritance of our forebears. They have created this quirky and innovative cover of New Order’s iconic Blue Monday.

In order to echo the later technology of the synth sound they employ everything from theremins and violin bows to gramophones and wine glassed filled with water. The result is a bit weird and a bit magical. The mysterious zoro masks add to the ‘silent film’ quality of the video as well.


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