Album Review: Limit of Love by Boy & Bear (2016)

Album Review: Limit of Love by Boy & Bear (2016)

Limit Of Love is a crisp and melodic third full-length release album from Australian indie rock stalwarts Boy & Bear.

Album Review: Limit of Love by Boy & Bear (2016)This is a stripped down to basics album full of naked sincerity and swooping guitar loops and tight melodies. The third album for an artist can either make or break their sound in the public consciousness. Springsteen’s third album was ‘Born to Run’ and Neil Young’s third was ‘After the Goldrush’. Likewise, Boy & Bear have produced probably their most defining and strongest album yet. From this album it’s clear that the much-loved Sydney band is here for good.

Each song is smooth and ruffle-free upbeat pop, featuring catchy riffs that are impossible to not become involved in. Boy & Bear, like in previous albums have arranged these songs with the live audience in mind. Each track has an infectious and bluesy sound that easily translates to pub gigs and intimate concerts.

The band recorded the album live to tape and with no overdubs or editing which lends it an organic and raw sound. A high-point of the album is Hollow Ground, which has a raw and endearing folk sound akin to Ryan Adams or early Kings of Leon albums.

Break Down Slow is reminiscent of an epic bluesy driving song by the Eagles or Fleetwood Mac, with the same feel-good warm vibe as these 70’s classics.

Walk the Wire, which is the lead single from the album has driving rhythyms and tightly strung melodies that reflect the style of their previous albums. Although this time there’s a shimmering melody of synth over the top. Three albums down and Boy & Bear are closer than ever to capturing their ultimate sound.

Speaking to Beat Magazine about their current sound, Dave Hosking the band’s vocalist and guitarist said:

“I don’t actually feel it’s ever a destination we will get to finally. It’s like we’re constantly evolving and changing. What we got closer to on our last record was the love of groove, and the fact that we do have a love of pop formats. I think with this record there was definitely a real need to strip it back more. Just get the grooves right, then let the story and the melody do the work.”

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