Grotesque and Fascinating Body Art by Lucy McRae

The Grotesque Body Archetype: Art by Lucy McRae

Make your Maker is a nightmarish, macabre lab setting where experiments drip and flow with gellatinous human body shapes in turquoise and lurid green colours. These body parts are harvested, sliced and then consumed greedily. Artist Lucy McRae’s work has been featured in Dazed and Confused, Wallpaper and for advertising with skincare brand Aesop. She explains her work as a self-styled Body Architect:

“Everything is edible. The stuff on the model’s face is inked rice paper, and the jellies on her body are molded agar agar, which is made from natural seaweed. The idea is to create genetic manipulations,” she explains, “Eating them is a transdermal absorption.”

The Grotesque Body Archetype: Art by Lucy McRae
Smashed gelatinous faces

Human consumption, excess, voyeurism, body image and the sculptural way that food makes the body are all explored here.

Lucy McRae is an Australian self-styled Body Architect who straddles many worlds like science, feminism, performance art, technology, food science and fashion. She is a trained classical ballerina and architect and her work involves inventing new ways of seeing the human silhouette. Her provocative work suggests an alternative way of seeing the human body and a future human archetype for an imagined world.

Lucy McRae: How technology can transform the human body


Peristaltic Skin Machine by Lucy McRae

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