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The Ultimate List: Stuff That White People Like

Back in the ‘noughties’ there was a landmark book (Stuff White People Like by Christian Lander) which lampooned all of the pop culture stuff that white people like. Of course, six years on some of these things have changed. Yet a lot still remains the same and speaks volumes about how race, nationality and class all inter-relate. When looking at this list below, I can see a lot of myself staring back out of it. So what does that all mean? Because I’m not really white!

I’m a ‘not quite white’, half Maori, half European woman who has lived in different parts of the (mostly Western) world. And disturbingly, I can confess that I love the shit out of Farmer’s Markets, learning foreign languages, New Balance, rugby, TED, Ray-Bans, Bicycles, microbreweries, David Sedaris, bottles of water, Banksy, Indie music, Michel Gondry, modern furniture, yoga, tea, sea salt, hip-hop references, piracy, living by the water, coffee, vegan food, Japan, Not for Profits, scarves, writer’s workshops….Oh shit, shit, shit *hides under the duvet*

Go through this list yourself, find out how white (or not) you truly are, then cringe and die a little inside…..


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