The Vintage Restart Page

The Vintage Restart Page

Are you lonely and nostalgic for all of the crappy, interminably slow and dull-as-dishwater computers that you have possessed in the past. If you answered yes then enter into the timewarp that is the Vintage Restart Page. This features all of the crappy clip art graphics and quaintly exaggerated shadowing on buttons that you have grown to miss on your iPad.

With so many restart buttons at your fingertips you probably feel a keen sense of urgency.

The Vintage Restart Page

If you liked that, then you will probably also enjoy this very old and still functional website from AOL, and this online retro TV where you can change the channels and watch TV from the 80’s, 70’s and 60’s from the comfort of your browser window.

Happy surfing of the net dudes, cowabunga! 



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