New Zealand’s Dodgy Prime Minister John Key – The shitty reasons why we are a tax haven

New Zealand's Dodgy Prime Minister John Key - The shitty reasons why we are a tax haven

Prime Minister John Key takes a well-deserved grilling on NewstalkZB. Watch how he talks absolute bullshit in order to avoid answering questions about New Zealand being a dodgy tax haven.

New Zealand’s 12,000-plus offshore trusts pay no New Zealand tax on foreign earnings. Their beneficiaries are not registered and their accounts are not filed with any public body. New Zealand regulators may demand this information, but it is not disclosed to foreign governments. – Australian Financial Review

Analysis of the Panama Papers also revealed that John Key has a financial link to a company specialising in foreign trusts. Antipodes Trust Group Limited is a debtor in Key’s entry. On its website, the Antipodes Trust calls itself a “specialist provider of trustee and associated services for foreign trusts using New Zealand as their jurisdiction of choice.”


More needs to happen here!

  1. More balanced reporting and conversation needs to happen in the media, instead of simply hearing from Key himself as he defends the system he helped set up.
  2. A full independent inquiry into Key’s tax affairs needs to be launched.
  3. If it turns out that he has dodgy links with off-shore tax havens, then just like Iceland’s Prime Minister- Key must resign immediately! 

New Zealand's Dodgy Prime Minister John Key - On reaping the benefits of being a tax haven

I can’t believe that people here are not more outraged about it. Kiwis with their super laid-back lifestyle are lulled into this complacent, easy-going, stoner-sloth mode of living. Most people don’t actually give a shit that they are being blatantly exploited for tax income, yet the rich and powerful of our society can get away with having billions in tax free income by cleverly placing this in off-shore tax havens.

Fellow New Zealanders…wake up and do something about the corruption going on right here on our own doorstep! 




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