I’m doing work: why the cult of productivity can cause mediocrity

The working world is over-saturated with terms like productivity, life hacking and multi-tasking which are all designed to supposedly optimise your professional and personal life. If you aren’t getting the most out of 24 hours a day you can call on the services of a life coach to put your A into G. Cloud based software easily record to-do lists and allows people to prioritise everything in their lives.

Suddenly nothing in your life has the freedom to go rogue. The danger of living a life dedicated to a schedule is that it perpetuates just that – scheduled thinking. Along with all of the mediocity and lack of creative thought that this entails.

Some would argue that there’s plenty of online software solutions, workplace and real-life community groups that foster and create creativity in both working life and home life. But the cult of productivity is based on measurable, quantifiable outcomes; whereas creativity by nature is unstable, fleeting, cannot be measured and comes to humans at unpredictable times, certainly not on a schedule.

I'm doing work: why the cult of productivity can cause mediocrity

Productivity was an off-shoot of Fordism and the traditional 9-5 work ethic work as it applies to the automated, industrial working world. But in a post-industrial world of the idea of productivity is archaic and no longer applies. Unfortunately it’s been co-opted in every aspect of our lives, but perhaps it’s time we got away from that?

I borrowed these ideas from this brilliant short film with the same name – I’m Doing Work. Courtesy of Aeon Film. Although I have written about this same topic a few years ago myself – view my article on smart solutions


What are your thoughts?

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