What do the longest living people in the world have in common?

What do the longest living people in the world have in common?

According to a book released in April, entitled Blue Zone Solutions, there’s a methodology to living a long and healthy life.  Author of the book Dan Buettner and CEO of the eponymous organisation spent a decade visiting and studying populations or ‘Blue Zones’ where individuals live inordinately long and healthy lives.

There were some common denominators to how these people lived their lives. They are as follows

  • Physical activity incorporated naturally into their daily lives, i.e. gardening, walking, taking the stairs rather than the lift, working out.
  • Having a sense of purpose, caring for a loved one, volunteering.
  • Low stress levels and a slower pace of life
  • Strong family and community connections
  • A diet of moderate caloric intake from mostly plant sources.

What do the longest living people in the world have in common?

Icaria in Greece 

A tiny dot in the Aegean Sea, people here live on average eight years longer than Americans and experience 20% less cancer, half the rate of heart disease, and almost no dementia.

What do the longest living people in the world have in common?
The village of Armenistis, Ikaria in Greece

Here on TED Archelle Georgiou talks about the diet of Icarians. 

On the other hand numerous studies, which are outlined in Scientific American have shown the factors that contribute to a shorter life.

  • Sedentary employment
  • Using transportation rather than walking
  • Reduced active recreational time
  • A diet of highly processed, calorific and nutritionally deficient foods
  • Growing portion sizes
  • Social isolation
  • Chronic stress
  • Income inequality
  • Social immobility

What would happen if you ate more mindfully? 

When we are mindful of what we put into our mouths we start to savour the taste and the texture of the food, to listen to when your body has eaten enough and there’s a feeling of satiety.

Infact doing everything in life in a more mindful way can help to make you healthier, less stressed and more calm about everything.

Find out more about mindfulness and mindful eating at Mindful.org



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      My pleasure Janet so glad you found it useful. Indeed we are what we eat so today I’m a lamb kofta and Moroccan salad with three flat whites and probably not enough water, what are you?

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        It’s first thing in the morning here in London, and so I have just broken my fast with a cup of coffee – glass of water and tablespoon of honey, and then at around 9.45 I will eat a big bowl of yogurt, a banana and muesli….after that I am not quite sure what this day will bring to me. I will be out and about and so at this time of the year, nothing is quite predictable:) Hope you have a lovely day and that whatever you eat is most enjoyable…janet. x

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