Claudia Six's Bewitching, Sweet and Spooky Forest Friends  

Claudia Six’s Bewitching, Sweet and Spooky Forest Friends  

I met Claudia Six (my online friend) via an inspirational online yoga community called Yoga with Adrienne. This YouTube channel is incredibly addictive because its founder Adrienne Mishler is so incredibly kind, warm and endearing. Gradually over time Adrienne has built up an enormous following of Yogis all over the world. These people all share a common ethos – to give love and advice to each other and be supportive and loving friends. The community is quite special!

Claudia Six's Bewitching, Sweet and Spooky Forest Friends  
The Visitor

And that’s where I met the lovely Claudia Six. A gifted artist from Austria who makes quirky and sweet puppets.

Her puppets are vulnerable and fragile looking and yet slightly creepy and unsettling as though they are straight out of a Hans Christian Anderson fairytale reinterpreted through a modern Gothic lens.

Claudia Six's Bewitching, Sweet and Spooky Forest Friends  
Claudia Six’s beloved creation

Claudia is inspired by the evocative and mysterious world of Jim Henson’s puppets in The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. She also takes her cue from the artistic finesse of Brian Froud who created the dark and mystical artwork for these films. Along with William Kentrige, a South African artist whos drawings are filled with imminent doom and film noir menace.

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“I was raised in a very small Austrian town that’s surrounded by mountains and forests. Being the only child in the neighbourhood, I soon discovered my deep connection with strange things. Be it the spooky old cat-lady next door, baby frogs in the forest, invisible pigs in the cellar, and much more, I found myself bonding with entities and fantasies” says Claudia.


Visit Claudia Six in her ETSY shop.

Stay tuned for the Wild Plush series of puppets which are to be released in November of this year. The story behind Claudia’s inspiration for Wild Plush is pretty inspiring.


“Wild Plush means a lot to me because the series is about home and having to leave and trying to fit into a new surroundings, to find love and a new home. It’s very personal because I had to leave home at an very early age and I had tough times living alone in a new city. But I managed, I morphed and grew stronger and wilder.  This is what they are doing too!” explains Claudia.

It’s when Claudia talks about her otherworldly puppets that her real passion for her art emerges

“I want to get more art out there. I would love to work on music videos again and perhaps a stop motion movie. I want to see where my creatures are needed as I think there’s still a lot more to discover. I would love to be some kind of pioneer in the puppet art world. I think puppets deserve an established place in the art world, just as much as sculpture or other objects.” She explains.

Are yoga and art connected?

There’s certainly something beautiful about the online community for Yoga with Adrienne. It attracts people with love in their hearts and a willingness to heal themselves.

Claudia Six's Bewitching, Sweet and Spooky Forest Friends  
Our beautiful yoga hero: Adrienne Mishler

“Firstly and most importantly [Yoga with Adrienne] is my safe place on the internet. I’ve never experienced such a loving and wonderful community. People are supportive and you can turn to them when you are feeling down. I love that. I love going to the page to see all the loving and virtual hugging going on there. What I’ve also learned there is that by sticking with yoga and Adriene for a while now, is that it’s not about being good but about getting better. Little goes a long way, and this is so true. For Yoga and for Art.

What I’ve learnt is that yoga is not about being good but getting better. A little goes a long way. This is so true for yoga and for art.

 Harry means a lot to me. I created him when I visited the pictoplasma academy. It was really was a turning point in my artistic work. Harry was born there and since then he is a character marking a turning point in my life – I also have him tattooed on my arm.

Claudia Six's Bewitching, Sweet and Spooky Forest Friends  
Her beloved Harry

Discover more of Claudia Six’s bewitching creatures on her website and then buy her art on ETSY.

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