How Jazz Up An Itty Bitty Apartment On An Itty Bitty Budget

How To Jazz Up An Itty Bitty Flat On An Itty Bitty Budget (Part 2)

Following on from my previous article the other week about home decorating for tired old rental flats, this article focuses on how to decorate to maximise floor space in a small flat.

Even if you live in a spacious unit or home, it’s always handy to know how to make the most out of a space and draw focus on parts of a room that can act as a centrepiece.

How Jazz Up An Itty Bitty Apartment On An Itty Bitty Budget

Living Room

In many small apartments/units/flats (same thing), the living room is actually a ‘one-room workhorse’ that serves as a home office, living area, and sometimes even sleeping area, (if it’s a studio apartment).

Make this room appear bigger by putting the sofa in the centre of the room like an island. Make sure that the sofa has no arms as this needlessly clutters up space. Put a rug in the centre of the room underneath of the sofa – this can act as an anchor-point. Against the back of the sofa, place a slim-line table. This little table that backs onto the sofa will act as an office or desk space. When guests come over, this area doubles as a buffet for serving food. I couldn’t find an exact photo of this, but from the below photo you can get the general idea of it,

How Jazz Up An Itty Bitty Apartment On An Itty Bitty Budget


For kitchens with very little storage space, think of the walls as potential storage. It’s not as crazy as it seems. Place a magnetic strip on the wall (high if there will be children around), this serves as an excellent way to store assorted metal serving utensils and knives. This is what they do industrial kitchens and it looks very ‘pro chef’.  Hanging things on the walls in the kitchen can add a rustic, old-fashioned appeal.

Pegboard also works well. You can paint it in a dark colour for a contemporary look and then do some outlines on there. Then hang high quality cookwear on the pegboard – too easy!

How Jazz Up An Itty Bitty Apartment On An Itty Bitty Budget


Storing all of the flotsam and jetsam collected on the journey of one’s life can be nightmare in a small place. There are ways to bring order to chaos that are both elegant and practical.

How Jazz Up An Itty Bitty Apartment On An Itty Bitty Budget

If something is truly ugly like a metal filing cabinet, and you can’t get rid of it then it’s best to conceal it. Get some plain or printed cotton material and cover it over for an instant and cheap makeover. Put a lamp on top and turn it into a chic side-table.

Go below the kitchen sink and use this as potential storage space.

With all of your books and keepsakes, group them together by size or colour on shelves, for a more striking and visually appealing look. Add shells, souvenirs and photos that mean something to you and mix them up for an eclectic look.

No Hole Artwork

People with hobbies often collect interesting items that gather dust at the back of a cupboard. A guitar or violin that never gets played may look better mounted on the wall or sitting in view. Think outside of the box and fill up guitar case with books!

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A bright coloured surfboard can be an interesting thing to behold in the corner of a bedroom.

Consider getting a cork-board and covering it with fabric and then mounting assorted clippings, photos and notes on it. This will reinvigorate a tired-looking wall and can be constantly updated with fresh inspirational pieces.

Heres more itty bitty apartment inspiration…

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