Cut The Crap at The Checkout: A Guide to Free Shipping For Australia and New Zealand

Cut The Crap at The Checkout: A Guide to Free Shipping For Australia and New Zealand

After a few months of living in New Zealand, I’ve found the selection of bricks and mortar clothing stores, book shops and electronics outlets very wanting. Particularly when it comes to men’s clothing. My boyfriend, although incredibly fussy – was pretty much unable to locate a plain black, classic fit shirt or plain black t-shirt anywhere in Auckland, and so the search turned online.

After this, we discovered to our dismay that many retailers charge upwards of NZD $30 for delivery locally. To add further insult to injury, they also charged an average of $220.00 NZD for a men’s shirt from a completely obscure brand.

Then I found this excellent guide to online shopping with either cheap or no delivery fee to Australia and New Zealand. Thanks Reddit Auckland for this one. I’ve padded it out with my own findings over the past year. ENJOY!

Cut The Crap at The Checkout: A Guide to Free Shipping For Australia and New Zealand

Men’s and Women’s Clothing

  • Asos: An easy, breezy shopping and check out experience, with multiple options for payment and a great range of clothing and shoes. Free delivery Australia/New Zealand. 
  • The Iconic: An enormous range of clothing and shoes, a lot of it very high quality and reasonably priced. Free delivery Australia/New Zealand. 
  • Marcs: Stylish and on-trend clothing for professionals or those who enjoy classic tailoring. Free delivery to New Zealand. 
  • Sportsgirl: Youth brand of women’s fashion. Reasonably priced. Spend over $50 to get free delivery to New Zealand.
  • Factorie: Youth brand of street wear and funky casual wear. Free delivery Australia/New Zealand.
  • M&S: Good old Marcs & Spencers in the UK do deliver to Australia and New Zealand. Free delivery Australia/New Zealand for all items priced over £30 ($60 NZD).
  • Endless: Shoes, watches etc. Good prices and range. Selivery Australia/New Zealand.
  • 80s Tees: Cool vintage tees from the UK. Shipping equates to $8 for NZ customers.
  • Terrific value and a large range, similar to Asos. Free delivery Australia/New Zealand
  • Style Tread: An Australian shoe store with affordable prices and a diverse range. Free delivery Australia/New Zealand.
  • Forever New: Women’s only fashion that’s priced reasonably. Spend over $50 and get free delivery Australia/New Zealand.

Beauty and Skin Care

  • Strawberry Net: This site is an oldie but a goodie. They have literally been around since for more than 15 years. Cosmetics, hair car, skin care, fragrances for men and women. Free delivery Australia/New Zealand.
  • Beauty Bay: UK based retailer that has international and super fast delivery. Easy filtering for all sorts of variables like price, brand, vegan or non-vegan products, contains parabens, and so on. Free delivery Australia/New Zealand.
  • Clearly Contacts: Super cheap contact lenses. Simple to order if you have a prescription for your eyes and way cheaper than at the local optometrist. Delivery to New Zealand less than NZD $15.00.

For Guys

  • Choice Wallet: Good range of men’s wallets at reasonable prices. Free delivery to New Zealand.


  • Deal Extreme: Gadgets website with very low prices and a massive range, read the reviews before you buy. Great for LED torches, lasers, cables, etc. Free delivery to New Zealand.
  • Ascent: Computer hardware and software, laser printers, cables, wireless products, monitors, etc. Reasonable prices (not amazing) but good service. Free delivery to New Zealand.

Cut The Crap at The Checkout: A Guide to Free Shipping For Australia and New Zealand


With eye-watering prices for books in New Zealand, expect to shell out between $20 $35 for any book, even a softcover, there had to be an alternative. I found these retailers.

  • The Book Depository: Very low prices, huge range. Free delivery Australia/New Zealand.
  • The Librarist: A price comparison website that searches the web by name of author or name of book and allows you to find cheap books (either new or used). Free delivery Australia/New Zealand.
  • Abe Books Australia and New Zealand: A great range Free delivery Australia/New Zealand.

Cut The Crap at The Checkout: A Guide to Free Shipping For Australia and New Zealand


  • Wiggle: An incredible sports shop with just about everything available. Spend around $100 on a bike or other piece of large equipment, and get free delivery to New Zealand.
  • Torpedo 7: Bike, Snow, Motocross and fishing equipment. This is great for the outdoorsy guy. Competitive pricing compared to many overly expensive New Zealand stores. Shipping starts from NZD $7.50 then goes up to $10.00 for larger items.

Have I missed anywhere that’s good? I’m thinking of avoiding the Christmas rush and doing everything online in half the time, hassle and money. Please let me know if you know of any others with free or cheap shipping to NZ/Australia. 



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5 thoughts on “Cut The Crap at The Checkout: A Guide to Free Shipping For Australia and New Zealand

    1. Yes, I bought from the Iconic and found their returns policy amazing. I bought a pair of shoes that were too big. So I arranged a pick up from my office, I wasn’t there when they came so without my prompting, DHL kept coming back during the day until I was actually there. There is no charge for returning either, which is pretty marvellous. Yes shipping costs are so important, but also returns policy and the ease of which they execute the return of goods- this is the customer service people will come back for.

      Will check out yesstyle and sheinside, have these ones got free shipping.?


    2. Oh was going to ask you, what’s your verdict on the gigantic santa on Queen St…I think it’s ugly and creepy. LOL


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