Dangerous Ideas: Russell Brand's Revolution

Dangerous Ideas: Russell Brand’s Revolution

Give yourself ten minutes and watch Russell Brand. Now his haters will jump on him and say he’s an ex-junkie, a this, a that. But he is talking complete sense here and he’s not being egotistical at all. What the world needs is a revolution of love and this is a revolution that comes from within the self. This and only this will be what saves humans from their own destruction.



The fact is, that all mainstream media, all agenda-setting media that dominate our daily lives like the Daily Mail, Herald Sun, CNN and Fox News whips us into a frenzy of fear and alienation. It separates people from each other by the use of fear – our most base and non-evolved animal part of ourselves.

Think about any narratives threading their way through mainstream culture at any given time and you can tell this is true. Like the furor that erupted when Renee Zellweiger got some plastic surgery. Or when somebody released a risque video clip.

Dangerous Ideas: Russell Brand's Revolution

Dangerous Ideas: Russell Brand's Revolution

People’s attention is taken up by these vacuous and shallow issues that are presented by the media. Instead of what really matters like the necessity of war, the destruction of the natural world, the corruption of governments, and planes that dissapear out of the sky without a trace.

The alternative to that is getting the answer to yourself from within yourself.  It’s humble, down-to-earth and non-denominational idea. As this revolution comes from within our own hearts, this sort of power is not able to be codified and controlled by anybody, that’s what makes it a dangerous idea. 


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    1. I think his reach is much farther than the UK. He seems to be involved in a lot of grassroots action in London and yet his message is universal and sparks other communities to start movements. A lot of young people listen to Brand, he has 8 million people following him on Twitter. It’s a time when loads of young people are becoming more politicised all over the world and he seems to be the poster boy for that. He is very articulate and intelligent, a bit odd but that’s OK – this shows that he’s a real person not just a cardboard cut-out. He is also very fearless which makes him the envy of politicians. I loved your article by the way and I’ve subscribed to you. I love your writing style…are you an English teacher?

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