Content Is Big Business, The Challenge Is Knowing Who Can Create It

Content Is Big Business, The Challenge Is Knowing Who Can Create It

A key take-away at this year’s Digital Cream in Sydney was about content. It’s the buzzword of the past few years in digital marketing circles. The hunger for content pervades every business and it outpaces agencies’ ability to create it.

Key Take-away: The Challenge of Sourcing Commercial Content

In order to meet demand for content, many businesses outsource. This is because costs are lower than having a dedicated staff member on board.Although with multiple checkpoints and stakeholders, the goals of the content get obfuscated and lost somewhere in between. Therein lies the challenge, to create content that gets used and is effective in multiple channels.

Content Is Big Business, The Challenge Is Knowing Who Can Create It

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My Two Cents

This is where a professional content strategist comes into play, someone who understands the overall strategic goals of the organisation, values and brand statement and translates this into a dynamic and practical content strategy, including editorial that can work like a cat and have nine lives on different channels. The strategy is all well and good, but trying to find a freelance content writer who understands this strategy is where the process sometimes fails. Incidentally, we are looking for a freelance content writer who understands how to write to a content strategy and overall brand guidelines. If that’s you, you know what to do!

The answer for many is outsourcing. The costs are lower than dedicated staff, and agencies are in a better position to produce quantity on a schedule. The issue is that no one understands the market and products like marketers themselves, so the quality of outsourced content isn’t always high.

Key Take-away 2: The 80/20 Rule for Content

According to the Digital Cream Take-away:

Some businesses run on quantity, while others depend on the performance of select pieces. In fact, studies suggest that content follows the 80/20 rule, with a small share of content producing the vast majority of returns. If that’s the case, brands may do well to reevaluate how their budgets are spent, with a new emphasis on a few, higher quality content projects.

My Two Cents

Content production has historically been a little like the thousands of tiny turtles being born on a Northern Queensland beach each year and migrating in the sea towards New Caledonia. Some get eaten by sharks, some get too tired on their poor little legs to swim and they drown, others find it difficult to find food and die of exhaustion, only the strongest survive. Anyway, I’ve digressed too far with this analogy. The point is, it’s the same with content. Only the most relevant, strong, robust and well-researched pieces will get a wider audience. The rest is just fluff destined to be useful for nobody, destined for the digital graveyard.

Content Is Big Business, The Challenge Is Knowing Who Can Create It

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With Google’s changes to algorithms and the web maturing considerably as a result, we are now seeing clever businesses opting to create fewer but more agile pieces. Content producers spending more time on bigger, high quality pieces. Ultimately, a return to real writing and journalistic skill, albeit for commercial purposes. This is amazing! It’s an amazing time to be a content writer and a content strategist.  

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