This Photoshopped Image Is Ridiculously Powerful

This Photoshopped Image Is Red Hot Provocative and Powerful

A cheap shot? Maybe. Provocative? Without a doubt.

Here’s what somebody on the internet photoshopped into a image of Holocaust survivors. This comes from the deepest part of the internet, via 4CHAN directly to you. What are your thoughts?

Now whether or not the curator of this image intended it to have a feminist reading, it’s unclear. Perhaps they just made this image just because they knew it would offend certain people or for some kind of joke. This provides even more reasons for a subversive hijacking of the meaning.

This Photoshopped Image Is Ridiculously Powerful

My two cents…

This speaks volumes about the ridiculousness of the ’emaciated equals chic’ look that has dominated our culture for decades. Since the 1960’s and Twiggy, this obsession with thin has been ongoing and it makes 90% of women living in real bodies feel inadequate. This photo highlights just how ridiculous, shocking and unhealthy it is to starve yourself to be thin. This is what certain people were avoiding in concentration camps just a few decades before the waif look became trendy.

Women were made to have hips, tits and asses, to be buxom is to be sexy in my opinion. Although by the same token, to be whatever the hell you want is fine as well. When are we going to stop giving in to the neverending cycle of insecurity perpetuated by advertising and listen to our own inner locus of self-worth and self-love?

What do you think of this?

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