Otherworldly and Abandoned Soviet Monuments

Otherworldly Abandoned Soviet Monuments: Tjentište

These sculptures and old buildings before the end of the Cold War era look futuristic and alien to western eyes. Some structures demonstrate the unequivocal military might of Russia, they have a real sense of enormity and scope. While others are scintillating, harshly modern, and located in beautiful forested landscapes, sitting comfortably in situ. These monuments are all a master-stroke of artistic and architectural achievement. Could these lost and forgotten objects ever be revived and resurrected, albeit for different purposes than they were originally intended? Only time will tell. As Russia claws back its former territory one chess piece at a time, the answer to that question will for now remain a mystery.

I was inspired to create this post by a friend’s interesting blog about abandoned places called Forgotten NZ. Make sure that you check it out!



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