Sleaford Mods: The Gobbiest Rock Band in the World

Sleaford Mods: The Gobbiest Rock Band in the World

The best punk comes from pissed off lads who are burning for making the personal political. By their own description Sleafod Mods are electronic munt minimalist punk-hop group. Their music is souped up and infused with rage. A veritable cornucopia of verbal onslaughts. Intricately woven into this piss and venom speech is the hammer of low paid employment and domestic and community shit-uations. All rapped up in tight beats and funny hidden meanings for their lyrics.

Sleaford Mods

Sleaford Mods are Jason Williamson, left, and Andrew Fearn.

They are the real deal

The most authentic rock band you’ll ever encounter. The complete antithesis of the recyclable procession of shitty pop music that pervades our society like a cancer. No music befits our time and the state of the world better than this. Although the sound is polarising, after listening you may be baffled by this shouty man, and simply hate it or think it is absolutely brilliant like I do.

Their lyrics are pretty funny and provocative

The memorable first lines of Tied Up in Notts ‘The smell of piss is so strong it smells like decent bacon’ comes from a hotel that they regularly stay at in Hamburg. He recently posted a pic of the toilet in question on twitter.

Their music has echoes of Joy Division and The Jam

If you listen hard you can hear the influence of Paul Weller. Sleaford Mods share their chameleon nature that refusal to be neatly categorised.. They have the same post-punk ethos as Joy Division and The Jam, transposed a few decades later to 2014. That same bottled up rage that comes from being disenfranchised that so dominated post-punk in the late 70’s in England. Sleaford Mods sit on top of a sea of mediocre bands in 2014.

The hairs on the back of my neck always raise each time I hear Ian Curtis in this clip. To me they actually put The Jam to shame in this video.  That chick presenting it seems sort of sweet and charming in an innocent way.

Toilets and human waste are a common theme of their songs

They talked about their obsession with scatology with The Guardian in their interview.

‘It’s just such a horrible thing,’ said Williamson. ‘I still can’t get used to faeces. It’s just fucking horrible. I mean, mine’s disgusting. It’s inspiring: having to go to the toilet and release all of it. And then you walk out of the loo and there’s a picture of Beyoncé looking stunning. You can’t connect the two things, can you?

Their genesis

Williamson was doing a lot of coke and not eating, getting sacked from jobs. He started taking notes on his failures and making mental snapshots of it. He started to view these situations in a completely new creative light. In spring of 2006, ‘I had no money. I’d just have enough for a Mars bar, most days, and a can of Special Brew. And I wrote a song called Teacher Faces Porn Charges, about going to the shop in my pyjamas, to buy the Mars bar and the can.’ A friend of theirs put Williamson’s words to a loop lifted from a Roni Size record. A polarising thing happened, some people who listened hated it and others thought it was brilliant. The rest was history.

Funny tweet @sleafordmods

Memorable lyrics

Shit jobs: ‘I worked my dreams off for two bits of ravioli and a warm bottle of Smirnoff/ Under a manager that doesn’t have a fucking clue’

As an aside, Fearne worked for four and a half years cold-calling people about gym membership, mainly old people who couldn’t walk. Williamson actually worked for a while in a job centre and saw first hand the way that working in meaningless jobs breaks people’s spirit.

Crappy consumerism: ‘Weetabix, England, fucking Shredded Wheat, Kellogg’s cunts’

Holding the powerful to account:  I can’t believe the rich still exist, let alone run the country. The lonely life that is Tory”.

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My favourite is Tied Up in Notts. Good news: Punk is not dead. Long live Punk!

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