An Auckland Mum’s Gesture of Love for Palestine’s Children

Auckland mum's outreach to Palestinian children

Auckland mum's outreach to Palestinian children


Mum Kirsty Ollerenshaw appeared at the protest as a symbolic gesture of love and compassion. While she held her own sleeping babe, she told me that the plaque was symbolic and a way for her to put a name to the children being massacred. Ollerenshaw cannot fathom or tolerate the level of violence and killing in Gaza that’s going on to innocent babies and young children by Zionist forces.

As she held onto her peaceful and perfect baby, we both felt tears of rage spring from our eyes

In that emotionally charged moment, so many questions went unanswered for both of us. Like, how is it possible that a baby in New Zealand is more valuable than a Palestinian baby? Who makes the decisions about which babies are more/less valuable compared to other babies? Who decides that, actually, Palestine is really remote and we shouldn’t be concerning ourselves with women and children who die there?

There is of course only one answer to this question and that is: LOVE

And we women, mothers, daughters, sisters and friends are the ones who feel the outrage of killing children so intensely. I stand for love and so does every other mother who holds her own baby in her arms. The only way that we can protect innocent Palestinian children is by standing up to governments and media who continue to blatantly withhold the truth.

Protest needn’t be violent. Instead it can be noble, life-affirming, communal and loving. Forget the violence, we know it doesn’t work. Let’s channel Ghandi and Buddha and use LOVE and COMPASSION as our battlecry.

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