DreamWorks Wizard Gives Kid Magical Powers

DreamWorks Wizard Gives Lucky Kid Magical Powers

Daniel Hashimoto is probably the coolest dad who ever lived. Why? He placed his young son into a rocket that blasted off from the McDonald’s playground into outer-space. He temporarily opened up the worm hole between The Matrix and boring reality, while his kids jumped around bemused on the couch.

Daniel is responsible for after-effects wizardry in DreamWorks studios films. He creates ultra realistic CGI effects that puts his toddler son into mind-bending situations. This is totally epic and makes me smile. Enjoy!











2 thoughts on “DreamWorks Wizard Gives Lucky Kid Magical Powers

  1. Saw this on television a few days ago and then looked it up on YouTube. The clips are very cool!!

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. My pleasure. It makes people smile watching things like this. It would be wonderful to do such animations, to have the talent to make this sort of art and wonderment for people.

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