Six Tips For Tailoring Your Blog To Local Search

Six Tips For Tailoring Your Blog To Local Search


In a global landscape, many smaller businesses get lost amongst all of the competing voices. Rather than focus on the gargantuan global picture, in many cases it’s a lot more effective to focus on the local. Here’s a couple of ways to target the local community in your posts.

1. Create A Geo-Location Strategy

When planning SEO,  include relevant and popular search queries and keywords for a particular location. When analysing keywords it’s important to make sure that they are relevant to your organisation and its services or products.

Also, identify if there are long tail keywords that include the particular region or state that you live in, and not just the city. So for example ‘office furniture Balmain is a popular one. However, a long tail keyword in that same category, could encapsulate the entire region of Inner Western Sydney, i.e. Office Furniture West Sydney.

2. Talk In The Language Of Your Audience

To capture a local audience in your blog – you must speak their language. This can include references to local events, local celebrities or local issues of the day (only if this is relevant to the topic). You could even take it to the next level and use colloquial terms that will resonate with this local audience, and signal that you’re from this particular area, in a genuine way.


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3. Be Active In The Local Community

We’re not talking about the online community, we mean the real world. Businesses should be concerned about the local community. The smartest PR move that businesses can make, is to tie their products or services to the activities of a local community charity, in a tangible and meaningful way.

For example yoga schools could offer a local mental health association a discount, for those affected by mental illness to join yoga classes. If you run an auto repair shop, then invest in supporting a local ‘drive safe’ campaign for teenagers.

This has many positive benefits, including increasing online and offline brand awareness, business contacts, and creating a positive impression of the brand in the local community.


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4. Showcase Local Events

Another easy way to get some local traffic to your site, is to showcase local events in your blog. This is a clever way to tie in products or services that businesses offer, with the activities of the local community. It can drive a lot of traffic to the site. Keep posts informative, entertaining and light-hearted and don’t go for the hard-sell.

Find out about opportunities to partner with or sponsor local events. This means a higher number of quality inbound links coming to your site. This will drive up the search ranking in a sustained and long term way.


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5. Localise Content With Seasonal Offers

In much the same way, it’s possible to localise blog content by referring to seasonal changes. Think about how seasonal changes effect your industry or business itself. For example, if you provide NRL or AFL merchandise, there’s a good chance that this is seasonal offering, so tailor blog posts accordingly. Likewise if you are blogging about a vineyard, then the issues and topics around the growing season and harvest, are topics that should be covered.




6. Optimise Your Site For Mobile

Mobile technology and GPS means that phones are made to find local businesses. The vast majority of local customers who have a smartphone, will do local searches on these devices. So that means it’s important to invest in a mobile-friendly website that will drive sales conversions.

Do you have any ways that you localise your blog posts either yourself or your clients? Please share some things you’ve learned below!


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