Periodic table of content marketing

The Periodic Table of Content Marketing

How to put together all of the elements of content marketing in order to build something magical. This elegant visual is courtesy of Chris Lake of eConsultancy.

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Periodic table of content marketing

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The Elements

Strategy: Map your strategy to long term business goals, plan and focus everything from the outset.

Format: It’s possible to use multiple formats for a single piece of content. For example one piece of content can be re-appropriated for a press release, blog post, webinar and e-book.

Content Type: There are a multitude of content types that will work well for a company. Such as a gif, infographic, linkbait article, blog post or competition.

Platform: These are where the content gets distributed. It could be social sites, third party website or your own website.

Metrics: These give you the skinny on how your content is performing, such as metrics on engagement, social engagement, demographics, retention, download rates, etc.

Goals: This is what you want the content to achieve in the end. This could be more shares, likes, new members, increased sales or increased traffic.

Sharing Triggers: What is it that makes people want to share this piece of content? Whether or not it’s cool, weird, disgusting, informative, fascinating and so on.

Checklist: This is all of the things you ought to do before your piece of content gets shipped off to a better life somewhere on the wild web.

All of the requisite pieces seem to flow effortlessly into one another. This infographic is great for visual people and makes it easy to build up structure for a content marketing campaign.

9 thoughts on “The Periodic Table of Content Marketing

  1. This is a great article! I saw a periodic table for writing novels recently but I’m not sure if it was done by Chris Lake. The link is on my computer at home (I’m using my Kindle now). I’ll forward the link when I get home this afternoon.


      1. Eric this Periodic Table of Storytelling is so cool! Have you used this with your short stories or novel? I love the visual idea of all of the elements in periodic tables, they fit with creative practices so well, Thanks for the share and reblog, I think you should do a post on this other periodic table! Hope you’re having a good weekend 🙂

      2. I’ve an ear infection that is laying me low today. I will see the doctor this motning. All will be well.

        I did a reblog of the Periodic Table of Storytelling’s from a different source that includes a direct link to the TVTropes website. It’s currently posted on my blot.

        Though I haven’t used it with my first short story (it’s nearly complete), I’ll give it a try with the second. I tend to think visually so the periodic tables are appealling to me.


      3. Went to the doctor on Saturday…got antibiotics. A little better today(Monday) so I’ll attempt going to work.

  2. Very interesting article and great infographic (that I will make sure to study in detail). I still have a lot to learn about internet writing, content marketing, SEO, and so much more (^_^)

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