Four Great Immersive Story-telling Tools For Writers and Designers

Four Great Immersive Storytelling Tools For Writers and Designers

Sharing stories is a ritual as old as time itself. Now immersive storytelling is set to radically change how we produce and consume stories, with the addition of images, video, audio in clever new ways. 2014 will usher in a brave new world of storytelling for those offering copywriting services or any other creative field. The technology has been around since the 90’s albeit in a primitive form.

Four Great Immersive Story-telling Tools For Writers and Designers

The Blue Print

The Philadelphia Inquirier published a long-form story in ’97 about a dramatic raid in Mogadishu. This evolved into a book and then a famous film called Black Hawk Down. Amazingly, this story is still available online. Click the photo to see for yourself. Although it appears a bit dog-eared by today’s standards, i.e. the world of HTML5; it’s actually well put together and does everything it says on the tin.

TWD_Blog post 2_1

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What is Immersive Storytelling?

Transmedia or immersive storytelling apps engage with the audience in an audiovisual way instead of just via words. Nowadays comics can be converted into transmedia apps along with novels, non-fiction stories, news stories, advertising and even video games. Basically anything with a solid narrative. These stories immerse the reader and make them feel as though they are there. There is a PR element there too. Telling a brand or person’s story through this medium can be a particularly powerful way to reach your core audience. Here are some tools to make the magic happen!

1. ScrollKit

This is a brilliant platform that allows users to create full screen stories and add bespoke background images, text, colours and free hand drawing tools. Once you create on ScrollKit, you can have your own webpage or alternately be published on your own WordPress site. It’s a really nifty tool that has been taken to the max by Brooklyn Nets. On another site called Epic True Stories, they used Scrollkit to produce a particularly cool story about Zombies in Haiti. Check out the Brooklyn Nets example by clicking the picture.

Four Great Immersive Story-telling Tools For Writers and Designers

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2. Thing Link

This ingenious app allows users to turn a static image into a bulletin board of information. It’s great for adding points of interest to a map or diagram. Thing Link has been used for innumerable commercial purposes. The Metropolitan Police used Think Link along with a satellite image of all of the key locations in the Madeleine McCann case. Click the picture to see the site.


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3. WireWAX

This app adds a whole new dimension of interactivity to video. Users click on objects in the video (also known as hot-spots), this temporarily pauses the video while the user drills down into more detail. WireWAX allows users to detour into related topics and go through a serendipitous journey of discovery. On the WireWAX website there’s a really cool clothing ad by brand River Island. Click to buy tags swirl around the models as they sashay around in their new clothes. And great news for content producers – there’s a free version of WireWAX.

Four Great Immersive Story-telling Tools For Writers and Designers

River Island’s interactive ad Image Source

4. Meograph

This handy technology takes timelines to a whole new level. Meograph includes the ability to combine video, audio, text and image in plotted timeline or map. It’s also possible to tag individuals into the map/timeline by linking the Meograph to Facebook accounts.

It’s great for industries that rely heavily on audio-visual impact like beauty, fashion, music, sport and travel. In the case of the NBA, they cleverly co-opted fans into the mix by letting them produce content of their own using Meograph. Fans use the app to create their own mixes of the best sporting moments from the NBA. Then they share their creations with the community on the website.


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*An altered version of this article written by Athena Dennis has appeared on the Total Web Design website.


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