Maira Kalman. Seeing the Profound in the Ordinary World

Seeing the Profound in the Ordinary World

Maira Kalman has been illustrating and writing words for many decades. I seem to have found a kindred spirit to myself, as she seems to have the same insatiable curiosity to drink in the world, and to render all people with a compassionate, deeply human brush stroke. Seeing the world through her lens, makes the world a far nicer place to inhabit.

I thought I would share some of her inspirational work. She specialises in seeing the profound and meaningful that lurks within the every day interactions of ordinary people. In rendering them with her emotional illustrations, and telling their stories, she makes their lives splendid, emotional and full of unexpected magic.

I want to tell stories like Maira Kalman that touch upon the emotional truth and depth of human life in an often confusing, constantly shifting world. I will take her as a prime influencer and start building work of a similar mood, although in longer form. Simple, beautiful and mesmerising, her work captures the real essence of what it means to be a conscious, thinking human being.

”I walk everywhere in the city. Any city. You see everything you need to see for a lifetime. Every emotion. Every condition. Every fashion. Every glory.” Maira Kalman.

Here’s this gorgeous woman posing with her dog. She is the embodiment of what it means to be an artist.

Contemplative walking or mindfulness have become popular in recent years. But it seems that the really inspirational humans out there like Kalman knew about it a long time ago…

”It is possible that the rhythmical movement of a carriage or train, of a horse and to a much lesser degree of walking, may produce on sensitive minds a slightly hypnotic effect conducive to that state of mind most favourable to the birth of ideas.” Maira Kalman.

Do you know an artist (either in real life or in your dreams) whose work fills you with a sense of sublime joy each time you see it? Why not share it with us below! 


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