Eight Amazing Ways to Ignite the Fire of Creativity

The routines, the jobs, and the monotony of everyday life can take its toll on your imagination. That little spark inside of your soul that wants to paint, write, dance, make music or be the living embodiment of creativity, can become stifled and suffocated.


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Unless you allow yourself to be indulgently selfish. I don’t mean in an annoying or precocious way. Rather, what I mean is to indulge in time for your ‘self’. Time actively spent within your own frame of reference is never wasted. It’s fertile and rich soil in which new ideas and creativity can spring forth. Here’s some other unique ways to ignite the fire of creativity. The good news is, it doesn’t involve moving to foreign country, some of these suggestions can be done anywhere you like!

Be indulgently selfish. Time actively spent within your own frame of reference is never wasted.

Write by Hand 

The authors of the Creativity Cure recommend skipping the blank Word document and instead using an old-fashioned approach to writing. A word of warning, don’t expect elegant flourishes of hand-writing after slavishly using a computer for years. Although do expect the words to come thick and fast. Without the formal constraints of a Word Document that needs to be saved for posterity, suddenly your mind will be freed by the new medium of writing on paper. A badly written idea or concept can be screwed up and put into the bin or even more theatrically — burned in disgust. Writing with a pen and paper is far more primal, visceral, therapeutic and disposable. That’s why it’s catnip for creativity.

Go Mindful Walking 

I think I advocated the practice of mindful walking in the post about Maira Kalman. She uses mindful awareness of her surroundings in New York City to inform her work as an artist. Her work is all the more radiant for it.

Classical Music 

Listening to classical music has been shown to increase creativity, concentration levels and cognitive ability. It’s also incredibly soothing. I’ve had slabs of days just disappear in the company of a six hour classical music mix on YouTube and an intense project.

Imagine Weird Things  

Let yourself go and ponder a strange situation or hypothetical in the future, such as the first inhabitants living on Mars, or an alien race living in a distance galaxy. This will help you to think up new ideas and solve problems. Let your imagination roam far and wide. It will bring back tasty morsels to you like a boomerang.


It turns out that those who drift off into their own world and tend to stare at the sky, are not wasting time. Letting the mind wander is conducive to increasing creativity and lateral thinking.

Surround Yourself in Green and Blue 

Blue brings to mind the open sky and green signifies growth and life. When you’re not able to get out in nature and you’re stuck in an office building, then surrounding yourself in these colours can really bring out your creative side.

Let your imagination roam far and wide. It will bring back tasty morsels to you like a boomerang.

Drink A Glass of Wine of Two 

A recent experiment in an advertising agency showed that having a couple of drinks helps you to become more creative. A little alcohol can allow people to think more broadly and find connections between unrelated concepts. It works for me! I find my writing groove easily once I’ve had a glass of wine or two. So long as it stops at that. Anymore and it’s counter-productive and also not very healthy.

Go Outside in Nature 

Remember what it was like to go running through a park, for no reason other than you were alive? Sadly, many people don’t do anything that makes them feel this way as an adult. So get out there and feel, and sense in nature. Go exploring and be curious. These were the very reasons why being a kid was so fun. It’s also why adults have so much fun when they finally have kids.


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How do you ignite the fire of your creativity?  Did you find this article helpful? Let us know below. 

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